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Sales Tool

StruXure Ingage

A revolutionary new sales tool that many of the top dealers use to sell more StruXure

The Topics

- How the software tool works

- Why it helps dealers increase close rates on StruXure appts

- How you can access 5 hrs of sales training from one of the top closers in the network

- A presentation you can use at home shows to draw people to your booth

- A pre-appointment warm up presentation (to get prospects pre-sold before you get there)

- Sales best practices on what's working in 2023 (one dealer closed $ 1.5 million in sale last month with these strategies)


Watch The Full Demo

Watch The Demo Video

We just got StruXure Ingage today. Our sales guy used it for his first appointment of the day and closed a $23k sale. I knew when I saw it that it was going to be a big deal! 


We'll give you a slide by slide demonstration of this powerful StruXure sales tool (one dealer used it to close $1.5 million in sales last month alone)

What We'll Cover

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